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Almirall, S.A. (BMAD: ALM) is a Spanish pharmaceutical company, with headquarters in Barcelona, founded in 1943. In 2016, it generated a total revenue of 859.3 million € and became the leading pharmaceutical company in R&D investment in Spain. With over 1,975 employees (2016), it has a presence, through its 13 affiliates in Europe and the United States.

The article below talks about how back in May 2019, Almirall had to Pay $6.6 Million to Resolve Whistleblower Claims That It Paid Kickbacks to Doctors

PHILADELPHIA, May 29, 2019,/PRNewswire/ -- Pharmaceutical companies Almirall, LLC (formerly known as Aqua Pharmaceuticals, LLC), of Pennsylvania, and Almirall, S.A., a Spanish company, has agreed to pay the United States $3.5 million to resolve allegations that they used kickbacks to induce physicians to purchase their dermatology products. The California Department of Insurance also settled a separate, but similar, claim on behalf of that state against the companies for $3.1 million at the same time. The settlements stem from a whistleblower complaint filed by a former employee of Aqua pursuant to the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act. Ross Feller Casey, LLP, a leading Philadelphia-based personal injury law firm with a national reputation, represented the whistleblower in the matter. Following the whistleblower's filing, the government intervened and Brian J. McCormick, Jr. of Ross Feller Casey worked with government lawyers to litigate and ultimately settle this case. "Decisions about pharmaceutical products should be based on the best interests of the patient, not on whether the manufacturer pays a kickback," said McCormick, who has a large and successful whistleblower practice. "These sorts of improper financial incentives undermine the integrity of medical decisions, waste taxpayer funds and are unfair to competitors who play by the rules." The whistleblower, a former sales representative of the company in suburban Philadelphia, alleged that Aqua caused false claims to be submitted to Medicare by using illegal kickbacks, including excessive speaker and advisory fees, as well as gifts and meals to staff in doctors' offices to induce orders of dermatologic products, including Monodox®, Cordran® and ACTICLATE®. The U.S. concluded that these payments, which took place over several years across the U.S., violated the Anti-Kickback Act. The settlement was the result of a significant effort by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Under the settlement, the whistleblower will receive more than $1.7 million. McCormick praised the government's work in the case. "The attorneys and investigators were incredibly diligent in investigating the allegations in our complaint," McCormick said. "It was an honor to work alongside Tony Scicchitano and Charlene Fullmer and to stop this type of misconduct." Ross Feller Casey's whistleblower practice group represents whistleblowers in False Claims Act cases as well as cases filed under IRS, SEC, and other whistleblower statutes.


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Operaria Laboratorios (Former Employee) says

"El trabajador es un numero, falta de comunicacion con el personal. Carencias de todo tipo.No hay nada positivo"

IM, inspección y mantenimiento (Former Employee) says

"Buena empresa, aunque no ejercí de farmacéutico, sino de una especie de conserje."

Representante Medico (Former Employee) says

"poca estabilidad laboral.Muchos candados para el cobro de comisiones,movibles cada trimestre.seguro de gastos medicos mayores y plan de auto a 3 añospocas oportunidades de crecimiento"

R&D manager (Former Employee) says

"Around four years ago, Almirall decided to become a Derma company. Since then, almost all derma experts in development (present in the German, Swiss and US centres) left the company. Now, the Spanish R&D site without relevant derma expertise is in charge - governed by some ex-Allergan managers from the US with whom they 'collaborate' based on an intense mutual dislike. Some numbers: in the four years before Almirall became a 'Derma company', it conducted around 8 clinical trials on own development projects through its expert affiliates in the US/Germany/Switzerland. In the four years after the switch to derma, the number was zero (yes, zero) for own projects.most people are nice as person...defending the status quo prevails the ambition to build up necessary capabilities"

Recepcionista (Former Employee) says

"Me encanto trabajar en la recepción de Laboratorios Almirall, una gran empresa farmacéutica, el ambiente de trabajo era muy agradable y el trato telefónico que tenia con los clientes me encanto."

BT Business Process Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately affected by third mass sackings in four years. Currently in profound changes. It is almost impossible to make an objective review of the company."

Delegado de Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Criterios de promoción totalmente erráticos sin saber nunca que criterios tenia la empresa para la promoción interna"

Limpiadora (Former Employee) says

"Si tuviera que trabajar en limpieza no volvería por que algunas compañeras que tienes son personas que cuando acabas tu faena ellas mismas van y te manchan lo limpio, y lo hacen para que te corran.Con los mismos compañeros de almirall me gustaría trabajarLas de la limpieza son limpias pero traicioneras"

Brand Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Almirall is a strong pharmaceutical company with headoffices in spain. The business has a very wide portfolio with a focus on rx medicines selling via hospital channel."

Commercial Effectiveness Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I worked to provide in depth analytics focusing on sales and activity information. This was looking primarily within the UK market but did have a small but expanding role within the analysis of European performance. In addition to the analytics a key aspect of this role was the provision of business recommendations through impactful presentation and given the size of the company the importance of Project Management within these criteria.International aspectsLack of career development"

deleguee medicale ville et hopital (Former Employee) says

"Pas d avis je ne suis plus chez almirall depuis bien longtempsVoiture et repas en forfait"

Product Manager Junior (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente de trabajo, compañia que necesita más recursos de personal para conseguir sus objetvos de innovación"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I become a specialist in the organization of sales convention buying tikets, book hotels and manage all the activities for each group. a typical day atwork was a busy day and working under pressure."

Coordinador Informática (Former Employee) says

"empresa para trabajar de puente en otras empresas y coger experiencia"

Analista de laboratorio (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo en diversas tareas , con formación continuada, direccion y gerencia correctos y buen ambiente de trabajo. Dependiendo del area la dificultad puede radicar en la aplicación de uno u otro aprendizaje´. Diversidad de tareas."

Gestión del portfolio en farmacias de Galicia (Former Employee) says

"Es una buena empresa, con mentalidad de productos financiados y orientada al médico y al visitador médico. Poca orientación a la farmacia.compañíamentalidad visita médica"

Gerente de Distrito (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa con productos nuevos en el mercado mexicano, con 10 años de experiencia. con buenas prestaciones.Aprendes mucho de los procesos e implementación para agilizar tu trabajo diario.Las herramientas de trabajo te ayudan a mejorar tu desempeño y tomar decisionessgmm para empleado y familiares sin costojunta cada 4 meses"

visiteur médical (Former Employee) says

"Un métier en grande souffrance actuellement côté offres d'emploi.Mais un métier très intéressant pour qui supporte la pression et les challenges.les possibilités d'évolution sont faibles car structure tres "pyramidale"Coté à la fois agréable et difficile, l'autonomie sur le secteur, même si elle reste relative, qui demande maitrise ,organisation et responsabilisation.frais de vie plus voiture plus materiel informatiquepression interne (hierarchie) et externe ( conjoncture/ industrie pharmaceutique)"

Técnico laboratorio contol de calidad (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente compañeros,interesante la investigación de los nuevos medicamentos.servicio médico y turnos aceptables.exposición a productos químico."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Good office atmosphere among staff but management often old-fashioned and everything has to be checked and re-checked. Creative people leave. If you toe the line, you can succeed and do well.salary, subsidized canteen." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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